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What file formats can be uploaded or imported

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You can upload your own 3D models, images, GIFs, video and audio files.

In the case of the 3D models, you will need to upload them either as a .GLB or as zipped .GLTF.

The support formats are:

  • 3D models: GLTF, GLB

  • Images in a scene: JPG, JPEG, PNG

  • Images in the interface: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

  • 360 image domes (aspect ratio 2:1): JPG, JPEG

  • Videos: MP4

  • 360 Video domes: MP4

  • Audio files: MP3

Are there any limitations to upload size?

  • Max file size for any file: 50 mb

However, we recommend the following maximum sizes:

  • 3D file max size: 3 mb

  • Video max size: 3 mb

  • Audio max size: 1 mb

  • Images max size: 0,5 mb

If you upload files larger than this, our platform won’t crash, but your hololink might load slowly on your smartphone (depending on internet speed).

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