Editing the Interface

Edit the interface of your Hololink with buttons, images and animated gifs

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You can edit the interface of your scene by clicking on the interface editor, letting you see a preview of the smartphone screen. This is where you can add buttons, text fields, animated gifs and icons.


You can set the visibility of an interface element by opening the visibility menu and choosing one of the following:

  • Only when tracking - This means that the element is only visible when your phone has recognised the target image. It won't be on the screen while you are searching for the target image.

  • Only when searching - This means that the element is only visible while your phone is searching for the target image. It won't show once the target image has been recognised. Great for adding an introductory text for users to read before starting the AR experience.

  • Both when tracking and searching - This means that the element is always visible on screen, as soon as the Hololink has loaded. Both while searching for the target image and after the target image has been recognised and the AR content is visible.


Buttons can be adjusted in a variety of ways so that you can:

  • edit the button text

  • change the width of the button

  • choose the radius of the corners (for rounded or square corners)

  • choose the colour of the button as well as the colour of the text

  • choose the font and the font size

  • add an icon to the button from the built-in icon library


Texts are very much like buttons. the main difference is that they can't have a click action and they can contain more text.

You can set all the same parameters for texts as you can for buttons, except for icons, which can't be added to texts.


Perhaps a little confusing, as we use the term icon for the icons you can add to a button. In this case, icon refers to an image that you can add to the interface. This may be to show an image, or it may be because you want to create a custom button and add it as an image.

You can also add animated GIFs as an icon.

Icons can be used to click on, in the same way as buttons and you can set the width as well as the visibility.

Placing Elements in the Interface

You can move things around the interface using the purple circle. in the corner of a highlighted element. Simply click it and drag it to the position you want it to be in.

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