Adding Annotations

Add comments directly to any element

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What is an Annotation?

Annotations are short text descriptions added to an object to give a user extra information.

How do I Add an Annotation?

Simply Choose the object you want to annotate and click "+ add annotation" at the bottom of the right hand panel. You can then customise the annotation by changing the font, size, colours and corner radius.

The annotation is automatically added to the centre of the object. If you want to add it to another part of the object, or you want to add more than one annotation, just follow the instructions at the end of this article.

You can add annotations to any object in a scene, be it 3D models, videos or images.

Annotations are always visible, both in the editor and when viewing the hololink on a phone.

TIP: Adding Multiple Annotations Using Other Invisible Objects

If you want to add an annotation to a specific part of your model or you want to add several annotation, follow these steps:

  1. Add a simple geometry object

  2. Move it to the correct position

  3. Resize it to make it smaller

  4. Set the opacity of the object to 0 (zero), making it invisible

  5. Add an annotation to the object, as described earlier.

  6. Repeat until you have all the annotations you need.

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