Publishing & White Labeling

Publishing, means making your Hololink available to the world and whitelabeling means adding your own, customized brand experience!

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When you publish a Hololink, you make it accessible to the entire world, simply by clicking a button.

Whitelabeling is the act of removing branding on a product created by or with one company (in this case Hololink) and replacing it with your own company's branding. This article covers:

  • Publishing

  • Customising The user experience to reflect your brand

  • Custom domains

NB! Publishing is only available on paid plans, so you will not be able to publish while on free trial.


When you Publish your Hololink, you can either choose to publish it directly to a default Hololink domain, or to a domain of your own choosing, i.e.

Publishing allows you to share your AR experiences with the world, using the domain of your choosing.

First click the publish button in the upper right hand corner of the storyboard:

Then click the publish button in the window that opens:

You can now see the QR code for your published Hololink:

Custom Domains

If you want to use a custom domain, you will need to prepare the domain. you need to prepare your domain.

We've written a separate help article on this topic that you can read here.

NB! A subscription is required to publish your AR experience, so you'll need to upgrade in the editor.

Customized Loading Screen

You can also customize all of the elements of your loading screen to imprint your branding on the AR experience. We've written an article on this that you can read here.

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