Add Animations to Any Object

Easily make objects, video and images rotate, scale or move

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You can add simple animations to any 3D object, video or image in a scene, letting the object move, scale or rotate. In this article I'll show you how to add movement to an object, and if you want to rotate or scale an object instead, the way to do it is basically the same.

To add a movement animation to an object in your scene, do the following:

  1. start by clicking the object so that Size & Position are shown in the right hand panel.

  2. Then click the yellow lightning bolt next to Position.

  3. Now choose an ending position for the animation, by editing the x, y and z position.

  4. Then decide how many seconds the animation should last.

  5. You can then choose whether to use easing, which will let you add elasticity or bounce to the animation. Without easing, the animation will simply run in a linear fashion from the starting position to the ending position.

  6. You can also loop the animation. This is particularly useful for rotations, when you want an object to spin continuously.

If you want to animate stretching, which makes your model become smaller or larger, or rotation to spin your model, the way to do it is just like with position animation. Just click the appropriate lightning bolt next to the feature that you want to animate.

You can animate as many different objects as you want within the same scene.

Have fun!

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