Occlude objects below your target

Hide objects in the floor or the table, revealing them through animations or virtual holes in the real world

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Occlusion is an exciting feature that can be used for dozens of things. Why not

  • add a hidden virtual room inside your packaging?

  • let virtual objects com out of the floor?

  • make your avatar come out of a hidden room beneath your business card?

  • and much more.


Occlusion is exactly what it sounds like; the ability to occlude, or hide, something beneath or behind something else.

In Augmented Reality a common use case could be making your real-life packaging have secret hidden rooms and compartments where objects, characters and videos come into view behind a virtual lid or doorway.

Adding Occlusion to your AR Scene

First of all, set the ground plane as an occluder and then add a virtual hole to the ground plane:

  1. Check the box that says "Show the ground plane in the editor".

  2. Check the box that says "Occlude objects beneath ground plane".

  3. Click "+ Add a hole in ground plane".

Now that you have added a hole in the ground plane, you can add a 3D object below the hole, so that it is only visible when looking into the hole:

You can now preview your Hololink and see that the whole astronaut is only visible when viewed from above.

The best effects are created when adding walls and a bottom to a hole or, as in the first gif, adding animation so that an object is lifted out of the hole as if on an elevator.

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