Static Scenes

Static scenes can be used to showcase a 3D model, to create a transition scene or to have a menu that links to other scene types

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Static scenes are a kind of the scene that aren't specific to augmented reality in the way that image tracking or surface tracking scenes are.

No Tracking Needed

Basically, a static scene is a place where you can show a 3D model or add an interface without having to use any type of tracking. This can be useful if you want to create a menu-page in your Hololink, or if you want to show a 3D model on the screen, letting your users rotate it and look at it from different angles.

A great example is this interactive 3D menu created for the travel company Kilroy. In it, you can see a 3D globe with red dots on it. The user can spin the globe by swiping the screen and can then touch a red dot to go to an AR experience for that location.

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