360 Scenes

Learn about 360 Scenes, how they work and what they can be used for

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User at the Centre

360 Scenes are basically scenes that place a sphere around your audience. This sphere always keeps the user's phone at the centre, letting the user turn around and look up and down within the sphere, while always staying at the center, regardless of whether they are standing still or moving.

Image Sphere, Video Sphere or Invisible Sphere

You can choose to let your user be surrounded by a spherical image, video or simply an invisible sphere, that lets you place 3D objects, images and videos in the air around your user.

A transparent sphere, an image sphere and a video sphere

No Image Target Needed

360 scenes do not need an image to trigger them, so if you use one as your first scene, or you create a Hololink with no image tracking scenes in them, you can serve your AR experience anywhere, by simply using a QR code or a link.

Get Started

To get started with 360 scenes, simply add a 360 scene to your Hololink:

Then add assets using one of the menus on the left side of the scene editor:

We have several examples of Hololinks that use 360 scenes for you to try and edit to make your own. Look for the 360 symbol in the middle of the example's thumbnail. Just choose one from the Examples section to try it for yourself:

Have fun creating.

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