Setting up listing alerts will help you keep up to date on all the new listings without having to check out the site everyday. You'll have the first look at new listings in your area based on your criteria. 

First choose the city you want and click View listings.

You'll then arrive at the search page and you can add in your search criteria at the top filter. 

Choose the duration you're interested in for move in and out dates.

Choose if you want to have a place that is the entire home, a private room in a home or a shared room. 

Set your price range that you'd like to pay for each month. 

Lastly, choose if you want at least 1 bedroom and a bathroom. 

From here, you can search what we currently have by clicking on the Search button or you can Add Search Alert

It'll then prompt you to add in an email address you want the Search Alert to be sent to. 

Finally, you can click Save Alert. 

New listings that fit your criteria will then be sent to you each morning. 

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