You can start listing your place by clicking on the “List my place” button at the top right corner of the homepage. From there, you’ll be prompted to sign up for Homads or sign into your account. 

You must fill out all of the Description page before proceeding to the rest of your listing. 

Room Type: Be sure to correctly identify what room type your listing so renters can filter for your listing. 

Description: Attract renters with a short and sweet description. Catch their attention enough for them to click on your listing and learn more. 

Once you click Create you’ll be able to refer back to your listing and edit in My Listings.

The Detail tab refers to the specific listing. You will choose the number of bedrooms that you are listing. For example, if you're renting out a bedroom in a 3 bedroom house, you would choose 1 bedroom. 

The Calendar tab allows you to block out any dates you do not want to rent. You will need to individually block out each date if you're looking to block out months. If a renter wants to rent for the month of October but you've blocked out three days in October, they will not be able to rent the full month unless it is 30 days prior or after your blocked dates. 

In Location, the exact address will not be disclosed to the renter and will only be used to show an approximate location of your listing on the search page. 

Your Photos must be less than 6MB to upload. You will see a check mark overlay once the photo is successfully uploaded. If you get an X, your photo has not been uploaded yet. If you receive an error message, please message or message us with your chat box at the lower right corner. 

You can move your photos around after it has uploaded. You will have to refresh the page after uploading to move your photos. The first photo will appear as the featured photo for your listing so make sure it's something a renter wants to click on!

For the best results, your Pricing should be less than a monthly stay at a hotel or short term rental and more than the price of an annual lease. We advise that you add at lease $500 for the security deposit. This gives Homads permission from the Renter to pull up to the security deposit amount after move out if there are any damages. 

Your Policy will dictate how your renter behaves. Make sure to think of all the rules you normally would with a tenant or roommate and make sure it's listed. We advise you to check with your landlord or apartment complex before listing with Homads. 

To finalize your listing, you’ll need to set up your Payout Method before listing your place. You can access this by clicking on your profile at the top right corner of the page. From there, click on Edit Account. You can set up your WePay account through the Payout Method

Once setup, you can list or unlist your place with the Property Status tab. 

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