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Steps for setting up Always-On (A/O) Virtual Model Homes

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Adding Always-On QR code to site Signage

Your homeAR Customer Success Manager will have sent you your Always-On QR Code for printing (example below).

You can use this stand-alone or integrated into signage artwork. Whichever you choose, it is very important that the printed size of the supplied artwork is 35.5cm x 18cm (at 300ppi).

The Always-On artwork must be added to a sign that is rigid and semi-permanent. If the sign is moved the setup process (below) will need to be re-performed.

Setting up your A/O Virtual Model Home on Site

Once your sign is in position you can complete the setup of the A/O Virtual Model Home.

  1. Please ensure that you are signed into the homeAR app with your company homeAR profile.

  2. Note you must be assigned as the Consultant for the plan/listing you are setting up.

  3. Please follow the steps in this video to complete the setup:

Any issues please get in touch with us at

PLEASE NOTE: homeAR Always-On is currently only available on iPhone and iPad devices. Android support is coming soon.

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