Using a Biogas Stove 

HomeBiogas should be used with a stove that is adapted to work with biogas. Every HomeBiogas 2.0 appliance purchased through the Kickstarter or Indiegogo platforms comes with a specially adapted biogas stove. Connecting to a biogas stove is easy and does not require a technician. 

Connecting HomeBiogas to the Stove

The biogas is carried to the stove via a yellow pipe, which is also provided with every purchase. When you set it up, ensure the pipe always runs at the same height or higher than the appliance base to allow effective water drainage from the gas pipes. To allow effective water drainage, the pipe should not have U-shaped dips or bends. As soon as you turn on the stove, gas will flow to the stove.

Using a Regular LPG Stove

Almost any gas stove can be converted to support biogas by removing the pressure nozzle. However, one stove cannot supply both LPG and biogas. Therefore, we recommend using 1-2 burners for biogas in addition to your current LPG stove. 

If you chose to connect HomeBiogas to your regular stove, please be aware of the energy requirement of your stove. The daily output of HomeBiogas 1.0 is approximately 3.1 kWh / 10500 BTU and HomeBiogas 2.0 is approximately 4.4kWh / 15000 BTU. This means that if you connect it to a stove that has a larger energy requirement, the flame will be weaker and will not reach maximum potential. 

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