Many people hear the word gas and associate it with highly flammable substances—and rightfully so. The reality is that the biogas produced in HomeBiogas is actually much safer than your current LPG or propane gas tank for several reasons:

  1. Unlike LPG or propane tanks, biogas in HomeBiogas is not compressed. Our safety engineers specifically created a soft case so that the biogas would be stored at low pressure. 
  2. Since HomeBiogas does not compress the biogas, the appliance is only capable of storing a relatively small quantity of gas—too little to pose any serious threat and a minuscule amount compared to any other gas connection.
  3.  Methane is lighter than air and will diffuse immediately in to the atmosphere if released from the appliance for any reason. This occurs naturally in waste disposal facilities like landfills all the time. The only difference is that with HomeBiogas, we are harnessing the energy potential of the potent greenhouse gas (methane) before it is released into the atmosphere.
  4. Methane needs a concentration of 50% to be flammable. The moment it hits the air you lose concentration, rendering it completely nonflammable  
  5. If surplus gas accumulates, HomeBiogas has a slow pressure release valve. Read more about that here.

While the term gas can be pretty scary, especially when considering putting something right next to your house, our HomeBiogas is completely safe for domestic use. We have taken every precaution to ensure your safety, convenience, and wellbeing so that you can feel good about your waste-to-energy efforts!

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