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Everything You Need to Know About the HomeBiogas Toilet
Everything You Need to Know About the HomeBiogas Toilet

Learn how the new HomeBiogas Toilet works and what its benefits are.

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You may have heard of a composting toilet before, but have you heard of a biogas toilet? HomeBiogas is introducing our spin on the composting toilet in an exciting, unique, and functional way. The groundbreaking HomeBiogas Toilet can both fertilize your garden and provide clean cooking gas for your home. Here's an overview of how the HomeBiogas Toilet works and why it is the right choice for you.

How does it work?

  1. Do your business as usual and pump, using grey water supplied from your sink.

  2. Your waste will go directly into the HomeBiogas 2.0 appliance, where bacteria will eventually break it down into biogas and effluent

  3. The effluent can either be run back into a septic tank or sewage system OR you can make an underground drainfield for it (recommended), in which case your waste will be recycled back into the ecosystem of your backyard, promoting a circular economy and an environmentally friendly home!

Why choose the HomeBiogas toilet?

The HomeBiogas toilet is an easy-to-use and environmentally conscious waste management solution for the modern home. With the first-of-its-kind HomeBiogas toilet, you can turn what you’re used to flushing down the drain, into a renewable source of free cooking gas.

Better than a composting toilet 

Unlike ordinary composting toilets, the HomeBiogas toilet is designed to hook up to the HomeBiogas 2.0 system, so your waste will combine with your food scraps to create a renewable and clean source of gas for your kitchen as well as an organic fertilizer. The HomeBiogas Toilet is also easier to use because it does not require the same tedious maintenance that composting toilets do, nor will it become smelly and messy.

Easy to use 

The toilet connects directly to the HomeBiogas appliance, all you have to do is flush and go! This is an off-grid solution, not requiring pressurized water, that can work in any rural or urban setting. All you have to do is flush and go! And thanks to the sleek, white, ceramic design of the bowl, you won't have to sacrifice comfort for sustainability. Doing something good for the planet has never been easier. 

Conserve resources

While flush toilets use an average of 9 liters per flush, the HomeBiogas Toilet only requires 1.2 liters, meaning that you can save up to 40,000 liters of water a year. Wow! This elegant solution can help significantly decrease your water footprint and overall environmental impact since reducing water usage also reduces energy use, pollution, and resource use. 

Save money 

Because saving water and energy means - you guessed it - lower utility bills!  

Above: A typical outdoor area designated for restroom purposes in Jalpatagua  Below: Community members begin the installation of their new HomeBiogas Toilet

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There are many places today where sanitation services are nonexistent and people are left to defecate in the open which is uncomfortable and runs the risk of contaminating drinking water. In these cases, the HomeBiogas toilet is an obvious, life-changing solution which can not only serve as a sanitation solution, but also as a renewable energy generation solution.  HomeBiogas uses a percentage of its proceeds to donate our products to families in need. Most recently, we helped install 2 HomeBiogas toilets in the small Guatemalan town of Jalpatagua.

Now that you've learned all about the amazing benefits of the HomeBiogas Toilet, there's nothing stopping you! The HomeBiogas is an amazing off-grid solution that allows you to become a pioneer in the waste management field by disposing of your waste in an inexpensive, innovative, and eco-conscious way.

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