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How do I assemble my new Homebody couch or recliner?
How do I assemble my new Homebody couch or recliner?

Homebody makes assembly easy with a few simple steps, and no tools required.

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Homebody sofas and sectionals are fully modular and customizable. They're also designed to be simple to put-together with just a few steps and no tools required. Each section is connected by U-shaped seat clamps.

What's included in the Box?

For your non-reclining couch pieces: you'll find an arm, back, seat, a fixed headrest, seat cushion, back cushion, feet, L-shaped stabilizers, and U-clamp connectors.

For reclining pieces: you'll also find recliner backs, recliner seats, an adjustable recliner headrest, a remote, a power pack, and a power cord.

How Do I Assemble My Sofa or Sectional?

Assembling a Homebody couch is simple and tool-free. Check out the assembly videos below or keep scrolling for step-by-step instructions.

Assembly for Reclining Sofas, Sectionals & Chairs

Assembly for Non-Reclining Sofas & Chairs

Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

STEP #1: Fit the cushion covers onto the proper cushions.

STEP #2: Install the feet onto the arms and seats, taking care not to over-tighten.

STEP #3: Arrange seats into your preferred configuration. Connect with the supplied U-clamps.

STEP #4:

For non-reclining sofas: Attach the arms first, then the backs into the seat bases. Secure them in place with the L-shaped stabilizer plug-ins.

For reclining sofas: Attach the back first, then the arms.

If you didn't order reclining parts, you're done! If you did, proceed to step 5.

STEP #5 (RECLINERS ONLY): Connect the electronics. Plug the power pack into

the recliner, the pack into the cord, and the cord into an outlet.

STEP #6 (RECLINERS ONLY): Connect the remote to the recliner. Find the USB

Type-C cord sticking out of the right side of the seat and plug that into the remote.

Pro Tip: Using the Remote

Your remote arrives safely tucked away in the pocket of the recliner headrest. Prior to using, you'll need to charge it for about an hour. Simply plug it into the Charging & Motion Station, which is built into your recliner's base (look for a small USB-C cord sticking out). When seated, you'll find it under your cushion on your right side.

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