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How far does the Homebody recliner extend?
How far does the Homebody recliner extend?

Our recliner extends up to 140 degrees.

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Does the recliner extend flat?

Pretty close to it! Homebody's recliners extend up to 140 degrees, providing a balance between comfort and functionality.

Why doesn't the recliner extend completely flat?

A 140-degree recline provides optimal support for your spine and lower back, promoting a healthy posture. Lying completely flat at 180 degrees might compromise this support, leading to discomfort and potential strain. A 140-degree recline is more versatile for various activities. It allows for a comfortable position for activities like reading, watching TV, or simply lounging, without the need for additional accessories.

Can I use my recliner as a bed?

Homebody's recliners are designed for leisure and relaxation rather than prolonged use as a bed. The 140-degree recline is tailored to promote healthy spinal alignment during short periods of relaxation but may not offer the same benefits as a proper bed for extended rest. However, it does provide some really great naps!

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