Kylie Davis: (00:04)
Hi. It's Kylie Davis here from HomePrezzo. I'm going to show you how to make one of our beautiful new lifestyle suburb videos. It's really easy. When you click on the suburb video tab now, you'll see not only our existing templates but the brand new one called photo lifestyle. Click on that and then also click on the go button.

Kylie Davis: (00:26)
Now creating these videos is pretty much like the old way. You type in your suburb to the core logic area. I'm going to type in Richmond in Victoria. The reason I'm going to do that is because as part of this new template ... While I'm waiting for it to find the data. What I'm going to do is show you not just the existing photos that are inside the template, but also how to upload your own photos. I've downloaded some photos of Richmond.

Kylie Davis: (01:05)
Now a tip for creating this video at the moment, while it's still very new, manually select your recent sales. The reason for that is that this current version doesn't yet have the ability for you to select the property photos. It will soon. But right now it just picks which one you've got. I recommend that you select that.

Kylie Davis: (01:27)
In Richmond, they're pretty good. They leave prices on their properties, but see that image is a bit awful. That's an undisclosed. I need to find two more properties. Bennett Street's lovely. Malleson Street's great. There we go. Two very typical. Now my preferred colours, the blue, white and grey. But actually I'm going to make sure my text is also white because I know from experience that that will look really nice. I'm going to just quickly select my font that works for the First National Brand and I can choose some music, and then I'm good to go.

Kylie Davis: (02:09)
We've got our intro photo there and now in all of these scenes, I've got a couple of different options. I can upload. I can choose different photos from the themes that are already preloaded or I can go into my own folders and upload more photos that I like the look of. This is great if you've got photos of your local area, like photos of local personalities. If you've got photos of local parks and features of your suburb. This is all a great space to put those images and really personalise it according to your brand. You can even have pictures of yourself.

Kylie Davis: (02:49)
But here's the other thing about this. If you don't have enough statistics to fill these scenes in the video, so if you're in an area that's really house driven and you haven't got a lot of unit sales, you can at this point delete these scenes straight out of the video and they won't appear.

Kylie Davis: (03:08)
Richmond's pretty well known for its coffee. I'm going to leave that one in, but I'm just going to upload another quick one. That also could probably pass as a Richmond one, but I'll just upload one more shot. That's it. Now I've customised all of the images that are sitting behind my statistics. At this point, the video's going to create a preview for us. Sometimes this can take a little bit of time. Here we go. We're good to go. Let's see how it's done.

Kylie Davis: (03:58)
Now the music will work once the video has rendered completely. I love that I've got a unit photo behind the unit stats. That's great. Then you can see all of the photo, all the properties that we selected in that original section. At the end of the video, it's got some really great calls to action. There we go. Fantastic.

Kylie Davis: (04:44)
What I do next is I click next. It's going to finalise the video for me, and then I've got all of my sharing options like I normally do. Or I can download the video, upload it to Facebook as well, or have a GIF and use that inside my emails like you do with all of the other videos.

Kylie Davis: (05:05)
We really hope you like our new lifestyle video templates. We're very excited about it. We've got some other new exciting and really classy templates coming out soon because we've been upgrading the back end of our system. That's why we've been a bit quiet on the template front, but now you should expect to see an awful lot more templates coming out really soon in HomePrezzo. Thanks for watching.

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