It’s easy to manually select the recent sales in your REINZ Local Suburb Guide. Sometimes you’ll want to do this because the photo quality on some properties is poor or you want to try and choose properties that you have sold personally or your agency sales.

Once you are in and creating your report, notice how HomePrezzo defaults to Auto Sales.

Click on Auto Sales to release the dropdown menu and you’ll see a Pick Sales option.

Click on Pick Sales and the Recent Sales options will pop up

The template fits six recent sales to a page inside your report.

To select a property, click on it and it will become blue to identify that it is selected.

To de-select a property, click on it and the colour will disappear.

You can keep track of the number of properties you have selected in the top right hand corner.

If possible, choose 12 sales as this will ensure your guide has an even number of pages, but you can choose up to 18 properties.

Click Save once you are done.

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