When you first login to your HomePrezzo/REINZ account, you’ll need to set up your profile. This allows the platform to automatically insert your name, details, photo and brand into every report or video you create.

You can edit these at any time if they need changing, but it is easy to get them right first time.

Step 1:

Type your name and contact details into the Profile section. (Tip: go to your website online and copy the URL so you capture all the https details)

Step 2:

Below this text section, you’ll see the place to select your brand colours.

We have set out some preloaded colours, but the best way to ensure this section is correct for your brand is to find out what the HEX codes are for your brand colours. If you only know your colours as RGB, click here to use a HEX converter.

The First Highlight colour is the one you particularly want to get right. In the Local Suburb Guides, this is the highlight colour that will be used for headings and key data points to make the report more attractive to read. Add your HEX colour to the box that starts with the # (make sure you leave the hashtag in). Click save.

Step 3

Next is the Branding section. Select a photo of yourself to appear in your reports. We recommend an image that is about 300px x 300px.

Upload your logo. We recommend your logo be 300px wide by 150px tall. (2:1 ratio). Note that your logo will appear exactly as you upload it - so make sure it has some space around it. If you have a block colour in the background, this will appear on your reports.

You can upload some alternative photos and logos (ie: with different coloured backgrounds) if you wish, but note these are not yet functional in the platform.

Step 4:

Billing. You can see the status of your account in the Billing section. Once your free trial has expired, you can add your credit card details here to continue to use your report.

Step 5:

Integrations. As a REINZ member your account is automatically linked to your REINZ membership.

Once you’re all set up, head back to the Dashboard to start creating your reports.

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