You can now make the most of clients who have said lovely things about working with you by turning testimonials into stylish videos and gifs that really pop on social media or inside your email marketing.

Here's how:

  1. Click on the new Testimonial button inside your HomePrezzo dashboard.

2. Choose the template you'd like to use. The Gradient style poses a question before providing the testimonial - ie: What's it like to sell with (you) with the testimonial providing the answer. The Luxury template just features the testimonial itself.

3. For this explainer, we will build the Gradient Testimonial. When you click on the template, you'll be brought to this screen. Make sure you give your Testimonial a good title - as this is what appears on social media as the 'name' of your content. So type in some text here that says Selling with (agent name) or Why you should sell through (agent name). Double check you are happy with your colour selection.

4. Next, select the 'question' you'd like to pose. Are you targeting this testimonial at buyers or sellers? Or perhaps renters (there's an 'other' box you can fill in).

Then type in or copy and paste your testimonial into the text section. Just type the text in plainly - you don't need to put any quote marks.

Here's an example:

You should also type in your client's name. (Double check you spell it correctly!)

5. Choose a photo or upload a new one. It's a great idea to upload a photo of the property that the client bought or sold.

Click the Next button and HomePrezzo will build your Testimonial.

6. Once the build is completed, you'll be able to view, share or download your file.

Here's a tip - use the gif file for social media as it will 'play' automatically when you scroll through the feed, rather than relying on your followers to click it. You should upload the gif or video file to your social media to get the maximum organic reach.

There is also a link for your email newsletters, and code so that you can embed your beautiful new testimonial on your website.

Once you've finished here you can go back to the dashboard and build another testimonial, or piece of HomePrezzo content.

7. The Luxury template works in the same manner - it just also has the option to change the font on your testimonial and a longer text space.

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