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Can I add another adult to our account?
Can I add another adult to our account?
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Yes, you can add additional family members, a co-teacher, evaluator, or tutor to your account.

1. From the main page (dashboard), select User Information in the right-hand column.

2. Then select the user column.

3. Fill in the required (*) details, add an e-mail address, and create a password.

NOTE: Each user/student must have their own unique e-mail address.

ALSO: Make sure you note down the password you chose.

4. Choose the areas of HSP you want to grant them access to. You can choose view-only access or view + edit access for five of the categories (dashboard, calendar, lesson planner, student information, budget).

After you hit save, the new user should receive an e-mail from us (sent to the e-mail address you added). They MUST verify their account to log into HSP.

What specifically can a user do with edit access?

Dashboard -- Add to/Mark off Widget items that will reflect on the main user's dashboard

Calendar -- Drag & Drop assignments, mark assignments as complete/incomplete, edit details of the assignment by clicking on the assignment tile, add files, notes & edit notepad by clicking on the assignment tile

**We have identified a few bugs as to what edit access allows in the following sections. Use caution when granting edit access. We are actively working to correct it.** If you have questions, please click on the blue chat box for an update.
Lesson planner
Student Information (in User Info tab)
Budget & Expenses

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