How do I Import Lesson Plans
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When HSP users create lesson plans, they have the option to share the lesson plans for other users to import.

Using the Marketplace
You can click on 'preview' to look over a lesson plan before you import it.

  1. Open the lesson planner & click on the blue Marketplace button.

  2. Click on the blue Import button. After you import it, return to the lesson planner section to find the imported lesson.

    (Don't see the lesson plan? Check the Archived Lessons section at the top of the Lesson Planner page.)

  3. Choose 'edit' if you'd like to make any changes to the lesson plan. Be sure to save it!

Importing a Shared Lesson Plan
If a friend shares a lesson plan with you (that isn't in the Marketplace), you can import this into your own account.

To get the URL, click on the three dots & then share; copy it.
On the lesson plan page, click on the marketplace (top right corner). Copy & paste the URL into the search box & hit enter. Click on the blue import button that will appear.

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