Using the Custom Option to Create Lesson Plans

If each day varies but the weeks repeat, this option will help you quickly create your lesson plan.

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Let's walk through how you'll create lesson plans now.

First, The top portion should be completed as you always have on HSP.

Subject, lesson plan name, weeks & days are REQUIRED FIELDS.

After you've entered the required information, it's time to use HSP 2.0's new auto-population, which makes the custom option more robust & flexible!

Finally, when the lesson plan is created, you'll assign it to your student(s).

Using the Custom Option

IMPORTANT. Whatever numbers you enter into [brackets] will increase incrementally.
Anything you enter before the brackets will copy to each line.

A few examples:

Assigning the Lesson Plan to Students

When you are finished creating the lesson plan & hit the create button, you will have the option to assign the lesson plan to students on the next screen.

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