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How do I auto-populate sub-assignments?
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Do you assign more than one assignment each day? This new feature is for you.

You can now auto-populate sub/secondary assignments in your lesson plans in the Daily tab.

First, The top portion should be completed as you always have on HSP.

Subject, lesson plan name, weeks & days are REQUIRED FIELDS.

Finally, when the lesson plan is created, you'll assign it to your student(s).

Whatever numbers you enter into [brackets] will increase incrementally. Anything you enter before/after the brackets will be printed.

For each desired sub-assignment, click on the plus sign.


If you need to re-populate the top assignment in each day, you can re-open the auto-population tool & change it.

BUT, if you need to change the sub-assignments, you must first delete it from each week. THEN you can use the auto-population tool.

Assigning the Lesson Plan to Students

When you are finished creating the lesson plan & hit the create button, you will have the option to assign the lesson plan to students on the next screen.;;

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