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How do I make a report card?
How do I make a report card?
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You can now create a subject report card for your HSP students.

Create Semesters
You are not limited to two semesters -- you can create many grading quarters as long as the days do not overlap PER STUDENT.

1) Open User Information --> Select student
2) Select the school year --> Edit (pencil icon)
3) Add semester dates --> SAVE! (Update button)

Create Report Card

1) From the dashboard, Reports will be in the left-hand menu. Choose Report Card.

2) Select your student, school year & grading period. Then the Show Results button.

NOTE: If your grading period is not complete, choose CUSTOM DATE under School Year. Otherwise, incomplete assignments will count as a 0 toward the overall grade.

3) Select which lesson plans you want to show on the report card. Generate report.

NOTE: Lesson plans for the same subject are combined by subject into one grade. If you want them separated, choose the Report --> Grade Report instead.

A Few More Notes

COMMENTS DO NOT SAVE. What you enter one time will not be there when you return to create another report card later in the school year.

Updates to Come
1) Attendance will reflect actual days of the school year vs. the number of days of that lesson plan
2) The comments section will reflect paragraphs on print.

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