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How do I use the Grade Book?
How do I use the Grade Book?
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Welcome to our new grade book, a simpler way to find ungraded assignments and enter the grades.

Assignments are sorted with the newest ones at the top of the list.

(Within a day, assignments are also sorted from newest to oldest.)

You can filter your views by:

  • Graded/Ungraded assignments

  • Lesson Plan

  • Assignment Type

  • Student(s)

  • Date Range

You have three options for entering a grade:
Raw Score -- earned/total points
Percentage -- %
Grade -- letter grade

After you enter a score, hit <enter> to save it. You may also click on the checkmark to save it.

A red checkmark indicates an unsaved grade.
To clear an entry so you can enter a new grade, use the broom icon.


1)Adding a grade to an assignment will mark the assignment as completed on the calendar.

2) Only assignments from past days will show up on this list by default. Any assignment your student has completed on the current day will not show. Select the dates in the filter to view & enter grades for the current day.

3) All past assignments will be listed, whether a child has marked it complete or not.

4) Grades are calculated based on percentage rather than by points, even if you add a raw score as the grade.

Bulk Update

To update 2+ assignments at a time, select the assignments. Click the blue Perform Further Actions button.

Disable grading -- marks assignments as not to be graded. (They will disappear from grade book.)
Remove grades -- clears the grades you entered, so you can enter new ones.

Assign -- adds the same grade/score to all of the selected assignments.

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