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Creating & Managing Days Off
Creating & Managing Days Off
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You can create & manage Days Off via your calendar.

To add days off:

  1. Click on selected days & click the blue Create Days Off button.

  2. Enter you details.

  3. Choose to shift scheduled assignments or not.

Color Key:

Blue circles = days with at least one assignment

Orange circles = days off

Both colors = a day off, and has at least one assignment on that day

By default, the calendar spans July 1 - June 30.

The second number in Schedule Days reflects the # of days you entered in the User Information box for that school year.

NOTE: If your break includes a weekend, those weekend dates will also be included in the DAYS OFF count.

To see a list of your days off or to edit them, click Manage Days Off button.

By default, you will see all days off for the entire time you’ve used Homeschool Panda.

Shifting assignments

You will see this prompt every time you create or edit days off. If you choose yes, it will move your assignments to the next day they are scheduled.

Example: Writing meets every Tuesday & Friday. You create a 3-day weekend & ask HSP to shift that Friday's assignment. It will move to Tuesday since that is the next day that the lesson plan is assigned.

If you remove days off, you have the option to shift back those assignments that were originally planned for that day(s).

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