Our Free plan does not require you to add a payment method. However, if you Subscribe to our Starter plan, you will need to add a valid payment method. You will be prompted to add your payment details before the upgrade is confirmed.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, we only accept the following debit/credit cards:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • AMEX/AmericanExpress

How do I add a payment method?

You can add new payment methods at any time, which will be charged on the next billing cycle as long as they have been added as the primary payment method.

To update your payment method:

  1. Go to "Settings"

  2. Click on "Payment Methods"

  3. Click on the "+" icon

  4. Add your personal and card details and save

How do I change the primary method of payment?

If you have added a new payment method, you will need to make it the primary method if you want this card to be charged in future.

To change your primary payment method:

  1. Go to "Settings"

  2. Click on "Payment Methods"

  3. Click on the credit card icon

  4. Change to your primary method and save

You can save several payment methods to our service. If there is any issue with your primary payment method, we will then attempt to charge your backup for the full amount of an invoice.

How do I remove a payment method?

You must always have a valid payment method loaded to your account if you are on a paid subscription and you can't delete the primary payment method.

To remove a payment method from your account:

  1. Click on "Settings"

  2. Click on "Payment Methods"

  3. Click on "Remove Card"

How do I update my billing address?

If you want to change your billing address, you need to update this in your payment method. To update address:

  1. Click on "Settings"

  2. Click on "Payment Method"

  3. Click on the relevant card

  4. Enter the new address and save

What happens if my payment method doesn't work?

If we attempt to charge your card, and it does not work, we will give it four attempts or try one of your backup payment methods. If we still can't charge your card, we will let you know and give you three more days to add a valid payment method. If we still can't collect payment after three days, you will be downgraded to our Free plan. Add a valid card at any time to resume your Starter plan.

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