We radically streamline renting

Homie is a hassle-free way of renting, with a dedicated home-finder to simplify the renting process. We deal with all estate agents so you don't have to.

This is how it works:

  1. You'll get a personal home-finder, ‘Homie,’ who will send you a list of all the homes that match your criteria.
  2. You select the homes that you want to see in person & let us know a time when you are free.
  3. Your Homie will call all estate agents to book the homes in back-to-back in a tour. You will see 8-10 properties with your Homie within 2 hours going from one property to the next in a London black cab.
  4. Your Homie will deal with the estate agencies up until the point at which your offer is accepted!

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