Using Homie when you're not in London

Yes, you can use Homie from abroad to help you secure a great flat for when you arrive in London.

How we can help you:

Remote video tours

Your Homie can do a 'virtual tour' for you. They will:

  • Attend the viewings for you
  • Take pictures and videos of each property¬†
  • Send them over to you for review (on WhatsApp or via email)¬†

Friends coming on a tour for you

If you have a friend/family member whom you trust to see properties for you - we're happy to take them on a tour.

Simply let us know their name and phone number and we'll organise the tour on their schedule!

What we need from you:

You need to comply with renting regulations in the UK and be able to provide all the documents required by estate agents.

We wrote a whole article about it, check it out here:

Documents needed to rent

Do you have any more questions? Let us know on the chat!

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