When a client submits a payment to you in HoneyBook, they'll have the option to pay via credit card or bank transfer (although you can always edit the payment options!). If your clients have questions about submitting a payment online, here's some great information to share. 

Prefer a video walkthrough of the client experience? We got you. Check it out here.

First Payments

On the payments page, your client will be able to enter their credit card information or pay by bank transfer.

For credit card payments, they'll enter the following information:

  • Full name on card

  • Card number, expiration, and security code

  • Billing address (once the fields above are complete)

For bank transfers, the client can select their bank of choice and follow the on-screen prompts to sign into their account, which will automatically link the rest of their information.

If they're making future payments and want to automate those, they can check the box for Auto-Pay.

They also have the option to add gratuity (if you have that option turned on).

Then, they can just click Pay when they're ready!

PLEASE NOTE: When a client enters their payment information and clicks Pay, the first payment in the payment schedule will process immediately, even if this occurs before the payment due date. This also applies if auto-pay is turned on (by you or the client); if the client enters their payment information before the first payment due date, the initial payment will process immediately, and future payments set to auto-pay will automatically process on the set due dates.

HoneyBook Tip: You can also use the Client View button when you're creating a file to preview exactly what your client will see!

Second and Additional Payments:

When a client is ready to submit their next payment, they can:

  • Reuse the original credit card¬†

  • Add a new payment method by clicking the Add (+) button

  • Click Edit to remove the first payment method

  • Click Pay to submit their payment

PLEASE NOTE: Clients should ALWAYS confirm that the credit card on file is the card they want to use for the payment. Once the client clicks Pay, their account will be charged immediately.

Need to remove payment methods without making a payment right now? You'll want to navigate to the Manage Payment Methods section in your My Account settings. Here's further instructions on how to remove a previously saved payment method.

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