Syncing your Google Calendar to HoneyBook (and your HoneyBook calendar to Google) makes sure that you have all your events in one place. You can read more about what information syncs here!

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, direct calendar-syncing is only available with Google Calendar; HoneyBook cannot sync directly with iCal, Outlook, or other calendar tools.

To sync your HoneyBook account to your Google Calendar:

1.  From your HoneyBook home page, click the Tools menu. 

2.  Select Calendar from the menu.

3.  Click the Google Sign in button.

4.  Select Google Calendar.

5.  Follow the prompts to sync the Google account of choice to your calendar.

6.  Select your sync preferences. You can choose one or both of the following:

  • Show HoneyBook Projects in your Google Calendar

  • Show Google Calendar events in your HoneyBook calendar

HoneyBook Tip: If you toggle either or both of these options on, you can further designate what information syncs — for example, if there are additional calendars that have been shared with you in Google, you can choose to make those visible in HoneyBook as well. 

PLEASE NOTE: Even if calendars are synced, you will not be able to edit a HoneyBook event when viewing it in Google Calendar, nor will you be able to edit Google Calendar events from HoneyBook.

That's it! Your calendars should now start syncing in whichever direction you chose. You can always adjust these sync settings in the future by clicking the Gear icon in the  Google section that appears upon hover!

PLEASE NOTE: While the HoneyBook-to-Google and the two-way sync enable you to see your own HoneyBook meetings and Projects in your Google Calendar, you will not be able to see team member's events in Google Calendar, even if you have them toggled to be visible in HoneyBook.

If you want to make sure your mobile calendar and HoneyBook app sync as well, you'll also need to check that your mobile phone and the HoneyBook app have access to your calendars.

In your phone's settings, make sure you've added the Gmail account you need synced (most people already have this set up!).

You'll also want to double check in the device's settings for HoneyBook that access to your calendar is toggled on. 

If you've synced your HoneyBook calendar to Google but are not seeing your HoneyBook projects appearing in your calendar, be sure to double check your settings:

1.  Launch a web browser on your mobile device or desktop.

2.  Open

3.  Sign in, if necessary.

4.  Under Shared Calendars, tick the boxes for the calendars you want to see.

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