Editing a contact's information
How to update a client's contact details
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Need to add or change some contact information for a client or vendor? Not to worry — you can make those updates from your Contacts tab or within a Project.

In this article, we'll cover:

Editing contact details from the Contacts tab

1.  From your HoneyBook home page, click the Contacts tab from the top navigation bar.

2.  Locate the contact you'd like to edit within the contact list, or search using the search bar. 

3.  Click Show More to expand the record of the contact you'll be editing. 

4.  Click the Pencil icon to edit the contact details.

5.  Make your changes and click Save.

Editing contact details within a Project

1. Click the contact you need to edit from the participants list.

2. Click Edit.

3. Make any changes you need, then click Save.

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