We're super excited about our Brochures' new look — but we also want to make sure your original Brochure Templates — now known as your Legacy Brochures — Automations that contain Legacy Brochures, or previously sent Brochures in the Legacy format are accounted for! 

Below, you'll find more info on how to make sure that your Brochure Templates and your Automations containing Brochures are updated. For more info on what to do next — and how to confirm that your new Brochures are set up the way you want them — check out more here!

PLEASE NOTE: Any Legacy Brochures that you've already sent to your clients will remain accessible and in their original formatting for now! If you send out a new Brochure and clients run into trouble submitting it, check that your client selection options converted properly.

Converting Legacy Brochure Templates

For existing Brochure Templates, you can (and should!) quickly and easily convert them into the new format. When you convert your Brochures following the steps below, it will create a new version of the Brochure in the new format, while keeping the original version as well

HoneyBook Tip: We recommend immediately renaming the new version of the Brochure to suit your needs, and then deleting the Legacy version to avoid any confusion moving forward. You'll also want to double check that your formatting and client selection options are set up correctly, once you've converted!

To convert your Templates:

1.  Head to your Brochure Templates section.

2.  Click the file drawer tab to see your full list of Templates. You should now see your existing Templates (still in the original format) listed under Legacy.

3.  Click to open the first Template you'd like to convert.

4.  For any Legacy Brochure, you should see a banner at the top of your screen with a button to Convert. Click the Convert button.

This should create a new version of your Brochure, while keeping the original version. Any Packages that you'd originally set up with their own sections will be grouped into one section called "My Services" to account for the new client selection process.

PLEASE NOTE: HoneyBook will attempt to directly convert your old formatting to the new formatting, but we recommend double checking that everything looks good, then adjusting if necessary. You can find more info on customizing the new Brochures here.

5.  Once you've confirmed that the new version looks good, rename it to suit your needs. 

6.  Repeat as necessary with all remaining Legacy Templates!

Again, we recommend deleting the Legacy version of the Brochure at that point to avoid any confusion! (This will not affect any files that you've already sent).

Automations Containing Legacy Brochures

Since your Automations in HoneyBook might contain Legacy Brochure Templates, you'll want to make sure that you adjust the actions to send out your new Brochures instead (once you've converted them, following the steps above).

To edit your existing Automations:

1.  Head to your Automations tool. 

2.  Click to open any Automations that contain a Brochure. 

3.  Anywhere you see the Send Brochure action, click the step to edit. 

4.  In the Brochure Template drop-down, select the new version of the Brochure.

5.  Make sure to click Save in the top right corner of the screen when you're finished.

6.  Repeat as necessary with remaining Automations!

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