A Project Workspace is a place where you can communicate and coordinate with clients and other vendors about a Project. It's also where all your clients' and vendors' Invoices, Proposals, and Brochures—or any other file type, for that matter—are stored.

Creating a new Project automatically creates your first Workspace for that Project, but a Project can contain multiple Workspaces. Then, each Workspace can contain a totally unique set of participants, files, payments, and communication threads via the Activity Feed

"When should I add a new Workspace?" you may ask.

Adding a Workspace within a Project is a great tool if you're working with multiple clients or vendors on a Project and:

  • Need to keep some files private from other participants
  • Need to email certain participants separately 

Since all participants in a Workspace receive the communications that go through it, adding an additional Workspace is the best way to separate those communication threads!

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