Understanding ETA Adherence

Answers to common questions about meeting your drive time to a customer

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What is the drive time?

  • The drive time for each one of your operators is displayed in the Partner app as soon you respond to a job notification:

Are the drive times calculated in the app for each of my operator's accurate?

  • Yes, at the time of dispatch these drive time’s are very accurate. Our system will calculate a drive time for each of your operator's as soon as the customer places the order based on their distance to the customer and traffic along the way.


Is the customer notified of my drive time once I accept a job?

  • Yes, the customer is notified of who is on their way to assist, the drive time expected for the job, and minute by minute tracking of the operator's location until arrival. Our technology provides real time updates to the customer when tracking the operator so that your location is visible from dispatch to arrival time. 

What if I'm running late?

  • We understand that delays can happen due to setbacks such as an accident or truck breakdown. If you find yourself running late for a MAJOR reason please call into our dispatch via the app.  


How can I make sure that I'm always on time for HONK jobs?

  • You can make sure you arrive on time by leaving immediately or as soon as possible. 

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