Whether you're coordinating aspects of the drop-off location or looking for a customer upon your arrival, there may come a time when you need to get in touch with a customer.

With HONK, contacting a customer on an active job is easy and safe. All you have to do is open your HONK app and click on the Contact button located towards the middle of your screen. You can see it located within the black block in the image below.

By clicking the Contact button you will be connected directly to the customer, anonymizing yours and the customer’s actual phone numbers – like a conference call. Neither party will be able to contact the other after the job is complete ensuring both the privacy and safety of your operators and the customer.

In addition, this allows HONK to track when one party attempts to reach out to the other, allowing us to better foster communications during an active job, ensuring that it goes smoothly from start to finish.

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