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HONK Performance Dashboard

What It All Means & How to Achieve Greatness

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You asked. We listened. One of the most frequent questions we get from our HONK Partners is “How am I doing?” So we’ve built a HONK Partner Dashboard to highlight your company’s job performance based on the things that matter most.

The scores take on a value from 0-100, with 100 being perfect. Your Overall Score is shown at the top. Each score can be one of three ratings:

  • Green (great)

  • Yellow (average)

  • Red (below average)

If all of your scores are in the green, you’re doing great! Keep up the good work! If your scores are yellow or red, there is an opportunity to improve.

Every day, the data will refresh and look at the ratings based on your activity in the past 30 days.

If you don’t have a score yet, don’t worry. It just means we don’t have enough job data yet.

You are also able to view your total year-to-date earnings, information about your most recent jobs, and your overall number of customer ratings along with real customer feedback.

Please note that oftentimes a customer will leave a negative rating without providing a comment. This is usually due to a late arrival, canceled dispatch, or an inability to track their provider. The best way to keep negative ratings at a minimum is by maintaining green scores across the board.

Below you’ll find a brief description of what each score means, and how to achieve a green score in each category:


Your availability score is based on how often you or your team members take services offered through the HONK Partner App. If you're logged into the app, have your location services enabled, and select “Take It Now” or "Submit Availability", you will improve your availability score.

Here's how to achieve a green rating for availability:

  • Visit the “My Team” page in your Partner Portal at and make sure every operator available for HONK jobs is listed and fully activated

  • Make sure your hours of operation are up-to-date

  • Ensure team members log out of the app when going “off-duty”

  • Respond to as many job offers in the app as possible when you are available


Your completion score is based on how often you complete the jobs that you are dispatched on. We get it. Sometimes things happen. Trucks have issues, police calls come up, the customer cancels, or sometimes you just get hung up on that last job a little longer than expected and you just have to cancel. We’ve made it easy to do so in the HONK Partner App, but it's best to keep that to a minimum. If you accept the job, we do expect you to make all efforts to complete it in a timely manner.

Here's how to achieve a green rating for Completion:

  • Read all the job details, including any notes about special equipment or instructions before you “Take It Now” or submit your availability

  • Try not to cancel jobs


Your tracking score is based on how often your selected operator has their location visible to the customer throughout the job. In the 24/7 on-demand world, customers are used to knowing exactly when things will arrive; food, taxis, and the towing & roadside experience is no different. We expect you to select the correct operator and have the app's location accessible whenever you’re on a HONK job, from start to finish.

Here's how to achieve a green rating for Tracking:

  • Make sure the operator selected in the HONK Partner App before taking the job is the same one completing the service.

  • Visit the “My Team” page in your Partner Portal at and make sure every operator available for HONK jobs is listed and fully activated

  • Make sure those location services stay on throughout the duration of the service


Our data shows that customers are more likely to offer positive feedback if their service provider arrives on time. Nobody likes to wait longer than they have to, especially when it’s an unexpected event like a roadside breakdown or an accident.

Here's how to achieve a green rating for On-Time:

  • Make sure that the selected operator can arrive within the time frame provided

  • Use “wrap-up time” appropriately. For example, if you’re washing your truck and are only halfway through, let us know you’ll need 20 minutes before you can start rolling on the job

  • If for some reason you cannot make your promised time of arrival, be sure to use the “Problem?” button in the HONK Partner App to let us know immediately


Your quality score is based directly on feedback from customers. We ask customers to rate their experience on a scale of 1-10. Being polite, communicative, respectful, friendly, and knowledgeable is the best way to impress customers and ensure they have a positive experience. If your Tracking, On-time, and Completion scores are all green, chances are your Quality score will be green as well.

Here's how to achieve a green rating for Quality:

  • Be polite, courteous, and respectful. Remember, most folks don’t plan to break down, but you’re here to rescue them!

  • Safety First! Make sure both you and the customer are safe from danger at all times

  • Keep the customer updated with your ETA by using the "CONTACT CUSTOMER" button in the app

  • If a customer requests something other than what we dispatched you for, make sure you contact us right away prior to performing services that have not been authorized.

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