Within Hoopla, you may want to display Metric values for Teams in your organization. This could be in a Team Leaderboard, a Team Metric Newsflash or a Number Step that displays a Team value. If you already have Team members with Metric values in Hoopla, but have not yet configured the value for the team as a whole, we will automatically sum those values for you.

How does it work?

When creating a Team Leaderboard, a Team Metric Newsflash or a Number Step for a Team value, we will automatically sum the Metric values for all members of the Teams listed (if no value has been previously defined). Once you click Save in any of those entities (Leaderboard, Metric Newsflash or the Channel containing a Team Number Step), we will start summing those Metric Values and add them to the Teams tab in the details for all relevant Metrics. *Note, the term Calculation under the "Last Updated" column indicates Hoopla has auto-summed the value.

What if I already have a Team value populated in Hoopla?

If you already have a Team Metric value in the Teams tab of Metric details, we won't override it with a Hoopla calculated value. So if you have previously mapped the Metric from a Google sheet or through the API, or have simply entered the value manually, we won't touch it.

Can I override a Calculated Team Value?

You bet! Overriding a Calculated Team Value is as easy as mapping a new source to the Metric. Either map the metric to values from a Google sheet, through the API, or simply enter in the value manually. But, beware, once you override the Calculated Team value, we will stop summing it for you.

Help! I overrode the Calculated Team value but I want Hoopla to start calculating for me again, how do I fix this?

Don't stress, we've got your back. All you have to do is delete the Team Metric value from Metric details. If the Team is listed on a Team Leaderboard, a Team Metric Newsflash or a Number Step for a Team, we will start auto-summing the Team value again.

Why can't I delete a Calculated Team Value in Metric details?

Because the Team Value was calculated for a specific Leaderboard, Metric Newsflash or Number step, you must delete the Team from that location. Once the Team is deleted from the relevant entities, we will remove the Team Metric value from the Teams tab in that Metric's details.

Can Auto-calculation do other calculations besides summing?

For now, no. The only thing we will do is sum the metric values for all members of your Team. If you want to use a more complicated calculation for your Team Metric, such as an average, we recommend using Google Sheets.

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