If you are noticing some issues with the sound on your Hoopla TV Channel, here are a couple tips for troubleshooting any audio problems you may be experiencing.

Test the Audio on your Device

  1. Open a new Chrome tab or browser window, and navigate to a webpage where you can test out the audio on a video (we recommend Youtube or something similar).

  2. If you do not hear anything on this new page, your audio issues are likely device related. Make sure the volume on your device is not muted and try turning up the volume until you are able to hear the test video.

  3. If you hear audio on the test video but you don't hear anything on Hoopla, contact our support department for further help.

Chrome Autoplay Mute Issues

Due to some updates to the latest version of Chrome, videos that are set to auto-play may be muted. If you see a banner pop up on your TV that says, "Uh oh! Due to your browser autoplay policies, we are unable to play audio on this video.  Click here to unmute.  To permanently unmute, follow the instructions in our help doc or contact our support team."

If you see this message, you can enable audio on videos that are set to automatically play.

  1. First, in the Chrome browser, click on the lock icon in the URL address bar.

2. Go to the site settings.

3. Scroll down settings until you locate "Sound" and change the dropdown to "Allow".

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