Hoopla's Zapier App allows you to increment or decrement metric values and post Newsflashes in Hoopla. Use this integration to connect data from hundreds of apps in the Zapier library to your Hoopla channel.

*Note: You must have an active Zapier account configured in order to use this integration.

How to Set Up a Zap

  1. If you don't already have a Zapier account, create one at www.zapier.com 

  2. Next, install Hoopla's Zapier app in your Zapier account, using this link

  3. Click Accept Invite & Go to Dashboard to connect to your Hoopla account.

  4. Create a Zap by selecting an app from the Zapier library and connecting it to Hoopla.

  5. Select Hoopla as your Action app and choose an action (Increment Metric Value, Decrement Metric Value or Trigger Newsflash).

  6. Connect to and Authorize your Hoopla account to integrate with Zapier.

Continue with our other guides on using Zapier for Metric Updates and Newsflashes.

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