When setting up a milestone within a Streaming or Metric Newsflash, you also have the option to award your players a commemorative badge to celebrate their achievements. Badges can be awarded when a Player hits their quota, closes a big deal, completes career development training or any number of other milestones worthy of celebrating! Badges are a great way for Players to view visual representations of their accomplishments.

Configuring a Badge

  1. In the Configuration tab, click Newsflashes.

  2. Select either the Streaming Newsflash or Metric Newsflash tile (Badges can be applied to either Streaming or Player Metric Newsflashes.

  3. Follow the prompts for configuring a Streaming Newsflash or a Player Metric Newsflash. Note: The trigger criteria will help automate the awarding of Badges, so be sure set the criteria appropriately (e.g. To award the Quota Buster badge, set the trigger to be applied when the value is greater than 100%).

  4. Scroll to the section Awarding a Badge and check the box that says "When triggered, the player is awarded a specified Badge.

  5. "Select a Badge type - scroll below for more info about the different Badge types.

  6. Finally, click Save.

Earning a Badge

When a Player reaches the milestone set in the Newsflash Criteria, a notification will be posted in Activity Feed and Players can view all of their badges in their Profile.

Badge Types

We support the following types of Badges.



Big Sale


Career Growth

Job Well Done


Pipeline Builder

Quota Buster

Target Hit

Top Rep

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