Users can be grouped into Teams to help streamline creation and maintenance of players on Leaderboards and Newsflashes. When you assign players to a Leaderboard or Newsflash via Teams, it's less work for you to maintain accurate players on any Leaderboard and Newsflash with which that Team is associated.

Here's an example:

  1. Create a Team called "Account Executives" for your sales team.

  2. Create a Leaderboard "MTD Sales" and instead of selecting individual sales team members as Players on the Leaderboard, select Team "Account Executives".

  3. Every time you add or remove users from "Account Executives", the players on Leaderboard "MTD Sales" will automatically reflect the updated team members.

If you do not use "Account Executives" for Leaderboard players, you will have to update both the Team as well as the Leaderboard every time you add or remove users from a team.

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