You can set up a Zap to automate your Metric values automatically.

  1. Within Zapier, click Make a Zap to get started.

  2. Next, select a Trigger app and define your Trigger criteria.

  3. Once your Trigger criteria is successfully added, move on to the Action component of your Zap. 

  4. Select Hoopla as your Action app and choose one of the Metric update options - Increment Metric Value, Decrement Metric Value or Clear Metric Value.  Clear Metric Value is useful if you have Metric value that needs to be reset at a specific time interval, such as, a Daily Calls or Monthly Accounts Metric. We recommend using the Zapier built-in app called "Schedule" to set your trigger.

  5. If you have not already done so, connect to your Hoopla Account by clicking on Connect to Account and Authorize your Hoopla account to integrate with Zapier.

  6. Configure the details of your Metric update. This includes Metric Name, which is the Hoopla Metric to apply the update to; Amount, which is the amount by which you want to increment/decrement an existing value (note: if there is no pre-existing value, the value entered here becomes the initial value; User Email, which is the email address of the user whose metric will be updated (note: this email address must match the User's email address within Hoopla).

  7. After successfully testing your Zap, be sure to give your Zap a name and toggle the Zap On. That's it!

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