You can set up a Zap to trigger newsflashes.

  1. Within Zapier, click Make a Zap to get started.

  2. Next, select a Trigger app and define your Trigger criteria.

  3. Once your Trigger criteria is successfully added, move on to the Action component of your Zap. 

  4. Select Hoopla as your Action app and choose Create Newsflash Event.

  5. If you have not already done so, connect to your Hoopla Account by clicking on Connect to Account and Authorize your Hoopla account to integrate with Zapier.

  6. Configure the details of your Newsflash.  This includes Newsflash Name which is the name you will see in your Channel's list of available Newsflashes so we recommend choosing a name that relates your Trigger app such as Twitter Zap; Title which will display on your TV channel; User Email (optional) which is the email address of a user to attribute this Newsflash to (note: this email address must match the User's email address within Hoopla); Message which is the message displayed on TV (note: you can use Merge Fields to populate the Message with information from the Trigger app such as Opportunity or Account name, Lead source.

  7. After successfully testing your Zap, be sure to give your Zap a name and toggle the Zap On. 

  8. Your last step will be to go into Hoopla and add your Newsflash to your Channel.

*If you need any help with your setup, please contact our Support Team.

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