You can manage Team membership through the Salesforce connector. Each Team in Hoopla can be populated and maintained with a single Salesforce report. When users are added or removed from the report, they are added or removed from the corresponding Hoopla Team. The beauty of using this feature is that it somewhat automates the assignment of players to Leaderboards and Newsflashes throughout your account.

Create a Team Report in Salesforce

  1. In the Salesforce Report Builder, create a new report based on the User object.

  2. Ensure the format is set to “Tabular”.

  3. Add criteria that will return the set of users who should be added to a specific Team within Hoopla. For example, you may want to build a report that will populate your Account Manager Team.

  4. Add the “User ID” field as a column in the report; just click and drag the field from the left menu to the report.

Note that there is no need for additional fields, but you are welcome to leave first and last names in the report for your convenience.

Map the Team Report in Hoopla

  1. Navigate to Integration > Salesforce Integration in the Admin left nav menu, and scroll down to Teams Provisioning section.

  2. Click Add under Teams Provisioning and find the Salesforce report you built earlier in the Report dropdown.

  3. Select an existing Team or create a new Team in the Team dropdown.

  4. Click Ok.

You can repeat the above steps for each team that you support.

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