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You can often check-in directly on the airline's website 24 hours before departure. If online check-In is not available, don't stress - you can check-in at the airport on the day of travel, where your boarding passes will be printed for you. 😊

Here's how to access the airline's check-in page:

Open your upcoming trip and scroll down to the bottom where it says "What can we help you with?" or "Get Help" and tap on "Check In & Manage Booking:"

Next, tap "Copy & Go" to copy the airline confirmation code and head straight to the airline's website. You'll need to paste that copied confirmation code and enter your name to access the booking and start the check-in process.

Good to know

  • Depending on a number of factors (such as country of residence, randomized security checks, visas, etc.) you may not be able to fully complete the check-in process online. If this is the case, simply check-in directly at the airport on the day of travel.

  • You don't need a paper ticket to check-in at the airport. All you'll need is your airline confirmation code and your travel ID.

  • Boarding passes (both electronic and paper) will always be provided directly by the airline and cannot viewed in the Hopper app.

  • If you are checking bags, be sure to drop them off at the check-in counter before heading to security. 

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