How Do I Log In?

Create a Hoppier account to access your virtual credit card

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I was given a Hoppier card, but I don't know how to sign in and access my Hoppier Card information

Ack! Don’t worry, we’re here to help :)

TIP: Hoppier works best on a Chrome web browser.

Hoppier doesn’t work well on mobile devices - try to work from a desktop computer.

I was given a Hoppier card, and I want to sign in for the very first time

Please check your email from your Program Administrator and place of work - you should see an invitation link to sign up and gain access to your Hoppier account in the email.

Copy and paste this link into a new Chrome browser window.

Then, you must enter the email address that you received your invitation link to in order to sign up. No other email address will be accepted.

Create a new password, and click the red “Get Started” button:

Great, you’re signed up! You will now be lead through the Onboarding Process. These are a series of steps to show you how to best use your Hoppier card. If you’d prefer to learn about your Hoppier card later, click “Skip this Step” or the red “Continue” button at the bottom of your screen until you can see your Hoppier card information.

I was given a Hoppier card, and I used the invitation link to sign up before, but it’s not working now

The invitation link is a one-time use link! So, you no longer need the invitation link to get started and get into your Hoppier account if you used it before, because you're already signed up!

To clear your browser of old login attempts first, open this link:

Now open in a Chrome web browser, and use the same information you entered before to log in: your work email address, and the password you previously created.

If you forget your password, you can click on the "forgot password" portal at the bottom of the login page to receive a password reset email, it looks like this:

I have reset my password, but it’s not working!

Please contact support through the LiveChat portal so we can assist you. (enter live chat portal link)

I have signed in, but it says Whoops That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen or re-directs me to sign in again!

Yikes! No worries, here are some things to try:

Clear your browsing history and your cache - sometimes your browser can get “stuck” looking at old login information, this will prevent that from happening again.

Use the Log Out link here before trying to sign in again to refresh your browser:

Now, log into your Hoppier account by opening an incognito browser in chrome, and pasting in this link: and use the same information you entered before to log in: your work email address, and the current password you created.

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