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I Can't See My Hoppier Card!
I Can't See My Hoppier Card!

I'm signed into my Hoppier account and I cannot see my card!

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There are a couple common reasons why you may not be able to view your Hoppier card.

Your Event hasn't started yet

  • Your event may have not started yet, you will see a notification on your screen like the one below, letting you know when this event becomes active. Once your event is active you will be able to view your card on the home screen.

TIP: You can find out when your account will be active, or see when it will expire, by looking in the right hand corner of your Hoppier account, for the expiry date, which looks something like this:

Your event has ended

  • Hoppier cards will deactivate when an event is finished. If your event is over, you will see a notice that looks like this:

Help! My event should be active but I can't see my Hoppier card!

Is your event running & you cannot see your Hoppier card? If this is happening, please contact us through the LiveChat.

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