How can I make a purchase for more than the value of my Hoppier card?

If you would like to make a purchase that is more than the value of your Hoppier card, you can link a personal payment method (personal bank card) to cover the difference. Your personal payment method will be charged only for any excess charges that are not covered by your Hoppier card’s remaining balance.

And, this way you don't have to worry about trying to spend exactly under your available Hoppier credit! You can do that by logging into the Hoppier site, and clicking a button that looks like this:

I added a personal payment method to my Hoppier account, why is my transaction still failing?

Linking a personal payment method allows a max of $50.00 additional dollars to be added to your total Hoppier credit. If the total for your transaction is over the remaining Hoppier credit + $50, that is why your transaction is still failing. Please adjust your purchase amount and try again.

TIP: In order for the vendor to recognize the changes you made to your Hoppier card (like linking a personal payment method) the checkout screen needs to be reloaded, the card needs to be re-entered manually in the checkout screen.

When will my personal account be billed if I add a personal payment method to my Hoppier account?

Your personal credit card will be billed 3-5 business days after your event is completed, for your spending overage. For example, if your Hoppier card has a $20 USD credit, and you've linked a personal credit card to your Hoppier account, and put through a purchase for $30 USD, you will be billed $10 USD 3-5 business days after your purchase is complete.

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